Chelsea Clinton campaigns for her mom in Dubuque

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Chelsea Clinton hit the campaign trail for her mom this week in Dubuque, Iowa.

On Wednesday, October 5, 2016, Clinton spoke to a crowd of roughly 150 supporters at the University of Dubuque.  She was in town to promote early voting, which opened on Thursday in both Iowa and Illinois.

Clinton, who has spent much of her life on the campaign trail, is now a mother of two. She said being a parent only increases the importance of this presidential election.

"I just hope they're as proud of me someday as I am proud of my mom, because I am fiercely, fiercely proud of mine," said Clinton.

Clinton spoke for about 30 minutes, answering questions from the crowd about the VA, healthcare reform, and rural America.

"Whether we're looking at wind, or solar, or geothermal or biofuels, so much of that is in rural America. We should be investing in those communities and building jobs and energy infrastructure," said Clinton.

Most people in the crowd needed no encouragement to throw their support behind Hillary Clinton.

" I've never participated in the political process, I always said, 'I'm not political.' But when I heard the debate last Monday, which I don't even call a debate, I said, 'I've got to do something,'" said voter Pat Balvanz.

Others, though, are still hoping to see Hillary Clinton spark more enthusiasm, much like President Barack Obama did in 2008.

"I wanna go out there and jump up and down and be all fired up about Hillary, and sometimes, I just don't think... She's too, I don't wanna use the word robotic, but you know, you've really gotta get out there and fire up the people," said Craig Reber.

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