Clown on QC Campus?

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ROCK ISLAND, Illinois-It has been a problem across the country and now mysterious clowns are showing up in our area.

Security Guards at Augustana College say someone in a clown costume walked around campus early this morning scaring students.

This is just one of the many clown incidents being reported.

Public Safety Officers at Augustana are looking for whomever dressed up as a clown walking around outside banging on first floor dorm windows Tuesday morning.

Sam Schlouch at Augustana College said, "it definitely could be a copy cat here.  We are not really sure whose doing it or whats happening."

In another incident a clown from Skellington Manor was just doing his job.

Police stopped one of the clown volunteers in the District of Rock Island where he was trying to promote the haunted house.

Police received calls of concern from people passing by.

Chris Starman who also volunteers at Skellington Manor says this was just one example of taking these clowns a bit too seriously.

"Its essentially something that would bring laughter and humor and again what we wanted to do but somehow its gotten skewed and it bring terror and fear," said Starman.

Its bringing unwanted attention during their busiest time of the year.

Starman said, "We want people to have fun and sometimes we like to take the fun and extend it.  Not everybody is most appreciative of it but at the same time we try to keep it responsible."

Remembering that it is OK to scare people but only in the right environment.

Campus safety at Augustana College urges students to call police if they see anything suspicious.



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