Campaigns work to gain votes with Presidential election five weeks away

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DAVENPORT, Iowa - With the election just five Tuesdays away, both campaigns are doing everything they can to make some of those undecided voters swing their way.

The calls are non-stop to convince voters why they should vote for Hillary Clinton.  With the election close, the Democratic office has been busy.

"The best thing to do in organizing is to share our personal story and share a personal reason why we support Hillary," said Chelsea Carrier, Democratic organizer director.

For Republican Party volunteer Madonna Weatherly, her campaign work can be seen from her front porch. Her front yard is covered with signs.

"We`ve had six, haha,  we lost four, but now we have two. I would have gotten more yesterday but they were all gone," said Weatherly.

She's hoping people will vote for Trump. Her plan of attack is using Trump's message to get the word out.

"I think he is a man of his word and he`s not going to abuse executive orders," said Weatherly.

Both parties are using their own strategies to hopefully get people out to vote.

"That's a big part of motivating people and motivating people to vote and volunteer is saying what she`s doing this for," said Carrier.

"It's a duty you know to vote you know not only a privilege but a duty," said Weatherly.


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