Genesis gives free flu shots to schools around the Quad Cities

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LONG GROVE, Iowa - Alan Shepard Elementary in Long Grove, Iowa was the first of around 90 schools Genesis will be giving students free flu shots.

"When you get the flu it's not the throwing up kind of flu, it's the respiratory flu," said Beth Meyer, RN Genesis.

Each year the school has fewer students calling in sick.

"Yes, we are definitely seeing those positive benefits, we have fewer of the more severe cases of the flu," said Sherri Marceau, Principal.

The school has had the free flu shot clinic there for more than 5 years and have a good amount of students getting the shot this year.

"This year were giving immunizations to just about half of our K-6 population, so we're really hitting a lot of students each year, that percentage has gone up," said Marceau.

There are some people who are not able to get a flu shot due to some allergies.

"Anybody that's allergic to eggs or has had a severe reaction in the past or have had a neurological issue afterwards," said Meyer.

Some of the kids at the elementary school got a little scared of getting a shot but the nurses knew just what to do.

"We kinda know what to expect and we can help give courage to those that are terrified," said Meyer.

Afterwards the kids received their "Junior Flu Fighter" badge.

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