St. Ambrose University and Assumption High School Celebrate Dedication of Athletic Complex

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DAVENPORT, Iowa – Hundreds gather in Davenport for a historic night. On Friday September 30, 2016 Saint Ambrose University and Assumption High School celebrate the dedication of their 6 million dollar athletic complex.

The first phase of the project is a milestone for St. Ambrose University and Assumption High School.

“To be able to come together and do something like this every day and see the way it benefits our student athletes is great,” says Assumption High School President, Andrew Craig.

Craig says the complex wouldn't be possible without collaboration from both schools but success doesn't come without challenges.

“Our role changed a little bit as the project progressed and when the mayor vetoed the project but it was still the same partnership and still the same goal,” remembers Craig.

Now, hundreds are excited to see that goal of a new complex come to life.

“I think it's outstanding that we have this type of facility in our neighborhood,” says St. Ambrose High School Athletic Director Ray Shovlain.

Many neighbors oppose the site saying it would add traffic and noise to neighborhoods. The stadium was the reason Jacklynn Draper moved out of her home.

“I wanted to cry. It’s too bad it had to be done the way it did. We kind of expected it, but they got their way. Finally, even after everything that's been said and done,” says Jacklynn.

Other neighbors don't seem to mind it.

“I don't think I’m going to be bothered by traffic central park might be a little more but i know they cut back on lights and the sound,” Wilma Houser who has lived near St. Ambrose for 62 years.

Shovlain says the complex will bring more athletes to the Quad Cities.

“It's very, very competitive with where our students choose to go to school. If you don't have the facilities like this or the wellness center it's hard to get those people,” says Shovlain.

The complex also hopes to add in a track and stadium during the next phases of the project.

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