Columbus Junction prepares for flooding

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COLUMBUS JUNCTION, Iowa - Back in 2008, Columbus Junction, Iowa saw just over 32 feet of water downtown.

They're expected to see high water levels, and anytime Jim Sojka, owner of Simply Soothing, hears it could flood he gets a little nervous.

"Oh yeah I've learned to get on the computer and watch the core and where the flood is going to peak at and all that, we know our levels now," said Sojka.

He said if a flood gets into his buildings it could cost him millions.

"There's probably 700,000 bottles made up over there and being able to get them out, I don't know it would take semi loads," said Sojka.

The city said they're more prepared this time than they were in 2008, they built levees at the south end of highway 92 after that flood.

Public works was getting ready to add even more protection along the river .

"We're gonna get our hesco barriers set up, start hauling in sand, start filling up our hesco barriers and line the north edge of highway 92 to try and keep the water off," said Todd Salazar, Public Works.

This time they're expecting the water will reach around 26.5 feet just over the crest level of 26 feet and enough to cover part of the highway.

For business owners in Columbus Junction that was good news.

"They've assured us that it wouldn't get in unless it's over the 2008 mark, so we feel pretty confident in that," said Sojka.

The city will meet Wednesday morning to check the levels again and go over their flood plan.

They expect the crest to happen sometime Thursday night.

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