Moline Football Players Stand United, Not Divided

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MOLINE Illinois – A viral gesture during the national anthem at sporting events has made its way the Quad Cities.

During the Moline versus Galesburg homecoming game at Browning Field on Friday September 23, 2016 players also took a stand for social injustice.

“We practiced lining up and I think we got it down. I think we are ready,” says Senior Cohl Hughes.

At game time players stood arm in arm during the national anthem to show a sign of solidarity.

“We are a team and we are together and show that we need to have unity and that's the step that needs to be taken,” says Cohl.

A step players say is for social injustice.

“Our country as a whole is not unified right now. We just need to show that everyone is still capable of being together and not everybody is separated,” added Cohl.

Cohl thought of the idea and got backing from his team mates and his mom.

“He has this understanding with his teammates about equality, unity and respect. It’s something they wanted to do together so I’m really proud of him and all of him and his teammates,” says Cohl’s mom, Jaime Hughes.

Head coach Mike Tracey is also proud of his team.

"We talk a lot about caring about each other and being a team on and off the field so maybe that was taken to heart,” says Tracey.

“You don't need to jump on the bandwagon, you can set your own prescience and be unified together,” added Hughes.

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