State cuts off payment to Henderson County; health department in jeopardy

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The state of Illinois has cut off all money headed to Henderson County.

Instead, funding is being rerouted to the Illinois Emergency Management Agency. In 2008, a $5 million grant from the state helped with flooding, but now, the state contends that some of the cleanup was done improperly. It's seeking $472,000 as partial repayment.

"We don't have the money. We don't have $472,000 to pay back the state today," said Angela Meyers, administrator of the Henderson County Health Department.

Meyers says 80 percent of the health department budget comes from the state. Without funding, they'll soon have to shut down.

"Two payrolls, we have two payrolls. So, one month, period. That's all," said Meyers. "It's going to be devastating for Henderson County if we don't get something resolved."

Besides the health department, the state was also stopped payment to the sheriff's office, courthouse, and highway department.

Meyers believes that without a resolution, many people in the county will suffer.

"It makes me angry, because we've been through so much," said Meyers. "It's gonna be very detrimental to the people of Henderson County."

The Henderson County state's attorney and several county board members were headed to Springfield on Thursday to try and reach some sort of payment agreement with the IEMA.