Clerk with hammer thwarts sixth robbery in five years at local gas station

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A store clerk with a hammer thwarted an armed robbery at a Quad City convenience store, and was caught on tape.

The store owner of America's Gas on Brady Street in Davenport says he is upset his store has become a target, with six armed robberies in five years.

"I'm upset, but what can I do?," said owner Ranbir Thakeur.

On Tuesday night, two men entered the store in hoodies. One of the men walked around the counter, swearing and demanding money, and acting like he had a gun in his front pocket.

Security video shows the clerk grabbing a hammer off the counter near the cash register, with his cellphone in his other hand calling 9-1-1. The would-be robbers ran off.

"He thought, I'm gonna die today. He had no choice, trying to save his life, so he grabbed that hammer." said Thakeur.

He says he generally tells his employees not to fight back during a robbery.

"I tell them, don't fight. Save your life, give them the money," he said.

He has invested in security cameras, but that has not kept the robbers away.

Out of the six robberies and attempted robberies at his store, he said police caught one of the culprits.  In one of the cases, he was robbed twice in the same day, by the same guy.

He says he doesn't plan to quit or sell the business, and hopes police crack down on crime in the neighborhood.

"You gotta make a living, what are we going to do?," he said.

Anyone with information can call the Davenport Police Department or Quad City Crimestoppers.