Chicago PD to add nearly 1,000 more positions following violent year

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CHICAGO - The Chicago Police Department announced Wednesday, Sept. 21, that it plans to add nearly 1,000 new positions over the next to years as it struggles to deal with a violent year of murders and gun crimes.

The positions include 516 new officers, 200 detectives 112 sergeants and 50 lieutenants. However, Mayor Rahm Emmanuel hasn't yet said how the city will pay for the new positions.

On Wednesday, Emmanuel told reports that the city "will have the resources" in the next city budget and that he isn't going to propose something "that is not paid for."

Alderman Danny Solis says the cost question remains unanswered. But he says that Emanuel has assured him that it could be done without raising taxes.

The move is a departure from how Emanuel has handled staffing issues in the past through overtime. The new positions will bring the department's total number to about 13,500.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson says it's a difficult time to be a police officer with added pressures and cellphone videos.

Overall, the city has recorded more than 500 homicides this year — higher than in all of 2015.