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The Eric Factor: Navigating the Mississippi looks like a video game!

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When I mention radar, you immediately think of tracking storms, don't you? Radar is not only essential tracking storms, it's very important tracking planes, boats, and ships! Special thanks to Chuck Holst for allowing me to share this video of what navigating the Mississippi River looks like from the bridge of a tow/barge.

I've edited two of his time-lapses together. Chuck says the first starts at "Cherokee Light, and goes up through Keithsburg Bridge." Watch closely and you can see the "Lee Ann Ingram" tow/barge going downstream, just after he goes past the bridge (which only spans the left side). Also, you can see the wheel-wash behind the boat. The blinking dots are the buoys that mark the navigation channel.

The second half of the timelapse shows Chuck's crew going upriver into the Quad Cities. On the left is Credit Island, then they squeeze through the Crescent Railroad Bridge, under the Centennial Bridge, and ease into Lock #15. Anyone who's been to Modern Woodmen Park knows the outfield sticks out into the river. You can see that on the left, right before he enters the lock.

How cool is this?

-Meteorologist Eric Sorensen