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Jobs continue to grow for restaurants and hotels in the Quad Cities

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DAVENPORT, Iowa - Corey London starts his day bright and early, re-stocking and tidying up for the many guests that come through the doors of Homewood Suites in Davenport.

"We all together trying to make this hotel be successful and be something that people would like to come to," said Corey London, host.

Jobs like Corey's in the hospitality industry are continuing to grow in the Quad Cities, in 2015 there were around 7,800 jobs almost 100 more than in 2014.

"This summer we've seen the opening of a lot of new hotels, we've seen two casinos move from river boats to much larger land based casinos," said Joe Taylor, President/CEO, Quad Cities Convention Center and Visitors Bureau.

Taylor said with the Quad Cities becoming a travel destination there's a need for hotels and restaurants.

"The more visitors you have the more people it takes to serve those visitors and that creates the jobs that certainly drives our economy," said Taylor.

Homewood Suites opened in March and general manager Bryan Simmons said it's been a struggle finding people to fill his open jobs.

"That's been the frustrating part I don't remember this being that hard before in the last year or so it's just been tougher," said Bryan Simmons, General Manager Homewood Suites Davenport.