How to make Facebook help you celebrate ‘Talk Like A Pirate Day’

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September 19th is Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Why? It doesn’t really matter, but you can change your Facebook language for the day to commemorate this special occasion.

Follow these steps to get your Facebook account talking like a pirate:

1 – Go to “Settings” found under the arrow in the upper right corner of your page.


2 – Choose “Language” on the left rail.

language setting on facebook

3 – Click “Edit” at the top right across from “What language do you want to use Facebook in?”


4 – Under the dropdown select “English (Pirate)”


5 – Click “Save Changes”

You’ll instantly notice the piratey replacements; what once said “Security” is now “Methods o’ Defense.”  And were you used to “search” you will now “Scour fer scallywags, ports ‘n’ various sundries.”

Have fun!