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Message board reminds drivers to move to the side when in an accident

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DAVENPORT, Iowa - A flashing sign on highways in Iowa are trying to get drivers attention.

The sign reads "Fender Bender? You got to move it... move it."

Iowa State Patrol Sr. Trooper Dan Loussaert said it's very important for drivers to move off the highway, if possible.

"Most of the time out on the highway you have a shoulder and there's plenty of room to get it off of the road and onto the shoulder," said Loussaert.

News 8 asked drivers what they would do if they were in a crash on the highway and they all had the same response.

"If it wasn't bad I would pull over and call the police," said Jim Nelle.

"Pull off to the side of the road and make sure everyone's okay and call the police," said Ian Mcelroy.

"I would just pull over to the side and put my flashers on and wait for the cops," said Terrence Streeter.

With more than 260 deaths from traffic accidents this year in Iowa both police and insurance companies agree, safety always comes first.

"Your safety is always the number one concern and the safety of others. someone might not see that accident till the last minute and you don't want to take a chance of getting hit again which could cause more damage to you and your vehicle," said Lori Rutten, Allstate Agency Owner.

If you can't get the car off the highway safely state patrol said you should at least get yourself somewhere safe.

"If they can get out of the vehicle and get well off of the road and into the ditch, maybe even up near the field," said Loussaert.

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