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Moline Mother Takes on Crossing Guard Duties Following Safety Concerns

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MOLINE, Illinois - School is in full swing, which means more students walking to and from school and police say that means drivers need to be more aware. Safe routes found nearly 60% of parents and kids complained about wide roads, no crosswalks or speeding drivers.

About two thirds of drivers went over the posted speed limit before and after school lets out. The group also found many drivers don't know that legal crosswalks exist.

Cross walk safety also has the attention of parents who have children attending John Deer Middle School. As of September 8, 2016, there is no cross guard assigned to help kids cross near 12th Street and 21st Avenue in Moline.

That has Angie Tapia, a busy mother of 8, concerned. Every day after class gets out at John Deer Middle school in Moline, Angie pauses her busy day to help kids cross the street.

“It takes about 30 to 45 minutes but it's worth it to make sure the kids are safe,” says Angie.

Angie knew there was a safety concern when she noticed no crossing guard on duty.

“The first day I picked my kids up from this side of the street I watched four kids almost get hit,” recalls Angie.

Angie then took matters into her own hands and started helping kids cross the street every day.

When Angie voiced her concerns to the city of Moline, she was told to start a petition for change.

“If I can get 50 signatures then it will be considered but if I can get 150 it will get it pushed through faster and we can get what we want accomplished,” says Angie.

For Angie, taking safety measures doesn't stop around schools. She even has a "slow down" sign for driver’s right in her front yard.

“They go just as fast down my street as they do at the school,” says Angie.

News 8 tried to call the city of Moline about the petition but has not heard back. Angie is out collecting signatures every day after school at 12th Street and 21st Avenue.