Augie professor moves family into dorm for new program

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ROCK ISLAND, Illinois - For most college students going away to school means no parents and fewer rules, but what if you had to live with one of your professors? That's what some students at Augustana College are doing this year.

Kathy Jakielski is getting settled into her new home. She's downgraded in size and has gained some new neighbors.

"The students have been friendly," said Jakielski.

Jakielski, a professor at Augustana College is getting to know her students on a whole new level by living in the dorms with her husband David. They share a floor with sophomores.

"I was excited because I heard that they would be helping us tutor," said Sarah Ludwig, who lives across the hall.

Professor Jakielski wants to make it clear, they're not there to keep an eye on students.

"My husband and I are trying to stay pretty laid back and having a low profile the first two weeks so students realize we`re not here to be disciplinarians," said Jakielski.

The point of the program is to provide even more help for students, from tutoring, to getting help with choosing a major.

"Because we`re a liberal arts school, our students don`t declare majors until the beginning of sophomore year, and if you`re a sophomore and you don`t yet know what you`re vocational calling is, you can really feel lost in the system," said Jakielski.

She was worried how students would react, but so far, she says students have taken it well.

Professor Jakielski says they're going to hold social events once a week like inviting students over for dinner, so they can get to know them better as well as other faculty.

The plan is for Jakielski to live in the dorms for three years depending how well the program goes this first year.

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