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Wisconsin girl pleads ‘mental defect’ in Slender Man stabbing

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WAUKESHA COUNTY, Wisconsin (WITI) — Morgan Geyser, one of two girls accused of trying to sacrifice a classmate to horror character Slenderman, plans to plead not guilty due to a mental disease or defect.  That development came about in Waukesha County court on Friday, August 19th, reports FOX6.

The other girl accused in this case, Anissa Weier, is not making the same plea -- but that could change in the future.

Geyser will be evaluated by two psychiatrists -- both court-appointed. One of the psychiatrists is from the Milwaukee area and the other is from Madison. Their reports are due back on September 30th. They will be sealed. On October 13th, those reports will be discussed in open court.

Also in court Friday, Weier's attorney noted he is filing for the jury in his client's case to be brought in from a different county.

"Frankly with the amount of publicity there's been, I don't know where we could go where someone hadn't heard of it," said Mara MacMahon, Weier's attorney. "But there may be someplace where people have heard less intense coverage."

Both girls have been charged with attempted homicide as adults. The Associated Press had not named either of them before Friday because their attorneys sought to move them back to juvenile court. A state appeals court in July ruled they should remain in adult court, reports the Associated Press.

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