Sunday marks 20th anniversary of Trudy Appleby mystery

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Sunday marks the 20th anniversary of one of the most tragic mysteries of the Quad Cities, the day 11-year old Trudy Appleby left home and never returned.

"There is one person out there who knows exactly what happened to our girl. We want that one missing piece to solve the puzzle. God forbid, not knowing is the worst part,", said Kelly Carlson, a former neighbor of the little girl.

Appleby went missing on August 21, 1996 after leaving her house with her swimming suit and a towel. A witness has previously told police that the young girl drove off in a car with a man in his late teens or 20's.

Carlson says Trudy was playing at her house with her daughter Amber the night before.

"She was right here rollerblading on the street, eating hot dogs, it was her first night from being un-grounded. She came over and hung out with us," Carlson recalled.

Amber Holderfield was 13 at the time. She says Trudy had told her she had been talking with a man who was 20-years-old, but says she didn't really believe her at the time.

Police have tracked hundreds of tips, but 20 years later, are still without answers.

"Her mother went to her grave never having that answer. How would you feel if it was your child?, Carlson said.

A public vigil marking the 20th anniversary of Trudy's disappearance will be held on Sunday, August 21st at First Baptist Church at 167 Avenue of the Cities in East Moline at 6pm.