Muscatine council moves to strip mayor of appointing power

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MUSCATINE, Iowa - The Muscatine city council unanimously voted to remove the mayor's ability to be the only person to appoint key positions, instead the council wants it's own committee, plus another city leader to join the mayor in the decision.

"It`s not really removing any power from the mayor because I don`t see that the ability to make nominations but only with council approval is really a power," said Allen Harvey, city council member.

The mayor sees it differently, pointing out her powers to appoint the police and fire chief.

"In the case of the emergency the state of Iowa mandates that the mayor take command of the city when need be," said Muscatine's Mayor Diana Broderson.

Mayor Broderson said the decision is personal, she said the council hasn't been happy with who she's been choosing to appoint.

"I`m sorry that the decisions that I have made and the appointments that I have made have been met with such push-back from our council," said Broderson.

The council said for years mayors have informally consulted with them and city administrators on who they want to appoint, they said Mayor Broderson hasn't done that.

"I see it as strictly a formalization of something that`s work very well for many years," said Scott Natvig, city council member.

Mayor Broderson said it's a move she will fight, not just for herself but for future mayors.

"I feel troubled by it I think thats a better way to describe it and saddened," said Broderson.