Trump said, “We don’t win anymore,” but other Republicans disagree

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A comment Donald Trump made earlier this year, during a couple presidential debates, is also resurfacing. He said the country is in big trouble and, "We don't win anymore." Trump was referring to trade, immigration, and national security.

But now, a few of his critics are turning the Republican nominee's signature line against him. And they're using the rising tally of U.S. Olympic wins to do it.

Here's just one example: a tweet from Ohio Governor and Former Presidential candidate John Kasich. He wrote that, "Someone said we don't win anymore, but they must not be watching American swimming in Rio."

Meanwhile, Trump's comments on the campaign trail in Pennsylvania yesterday are still turning heads. Trump said he wants to ensure that Hillary Clinton supporters don't vote multiple times because he's worried about voter fraud.

He pointed to the huge turnout at his rallies as evidence of overwhelming support compared to Clinton's crowds.

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