Heat on the Field, How Sports Teams Battle Through Summer Heat

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MOLINE, Illinois – A mix of weather came around the Quad Cities on August 11, 2016 but one thing stayed around, and that was the heat!

It beamed down across the Quad Cities, but that didn't stop sports games and practices from carrying on. WQAD News 8 hit the practice fields to find out how the Moline football team stays safe during the hot summer.

Keeping players hydrated is a top priority for Moline High School head coach, Mike Tracey.

“We all follow the rules. It’s about the kids safety first and foremost and no one is fallen over or anything yet,” says Tracey.

Hot, muggy temps can do a number on anyone outdoors and that's why coaches push water consumption on their players.

A good practice on the field also comes from good hydration at home.

“A lot of it happens the day before or the night before, if they don't drink water the night before they are going to struggle,” added Tracey.

“I just drink a lot of water about every 5 minutes. It helps a lot,” says Ladji Diallo, Captain of the Moline High School Football Team.

Help also comes from the ladies on the Water Management team.

“We are normally go, go, go all day. In the mornings we like to clean the water bottles so they are fresh and put them on ice and water and we take them out,” says Water Manager, Destiny Rottman.

The Quad Cities got a short break from the heat while a thunderstorm rolled through, but in rain or shine practice will go on.

“We just have to keep practicing and keep working hard. We go 110 percent every play,” added Diallo.

Coaches at Moline High School say they practice early in the morning to try and beat the heat. This season, they are only practicing once a day.