Pro golfer spends JDC Pro-Am Day with kids from cancer support organization Tudi’s Tribe

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SILVIS, Illinois -- Professional golfer Jason Bohn had quite the following at the John Deere Classic's Pro-Am Day, but it wasn't because of his golf skills.

The PGA golfer from Georgia has taken a special interest in the local organization Tudi's Tribe, which lends support to families coping with a cancer diagnosis.

That's what drew the crowd.

Matt Perkins and his daughters stand with Jason Bohn after the Pro/Am at John Deere Classic, 8-10-16

Matt Perkins and his daughters stand with Jason Bohn after the Pro/Am at John Deere Classic, 8-10-16

Dozens of people involved with the organization followed Bohn around TPC Deere Run on Wednesday, August 10, 2016 wearing shirts that say "Caddy For A Cure."  Kids in the huddle take turns playing caddy, handing over clubs, picking up balls, and spending time on the course.

Matt Perkins, whose family is involved with Tudi's Tribe, explained that for the last seven years, Bohn has golfed at Deere Run in their honor.  Perkins added that he includes the families and makes the day special for the kids.

"Some golfers, they are concentrating on what they're doing. Jason, he very much is open to conversing with the kids, making them feel special, allowing them to be out on a professional golf course," Perkins said.

Bohn said that over the years he has developed relationships with the kids and have become like an extended family.

"You know, their fight is so much different than our fight on the golf course," he said, "so it puts a lot of things in perspective for me every year."

Bohn says year after year there are great memories made, but it's not without some heartache.

"Every year I come back, they're just taller and taller. And over the years we've lost a few, which has been disappointing," Bohn said. "That's the saddest part of it, but the best part of it is seeing them grow."

As the kids spend the day with him on the golf course, Bohn says he enjoys hearing their stories and learning the way they look at the world.

"What they struggle with every day- what their fight is every day, it's so different than everyone else's fight," said Bohn, "but their perspective on life and their will, and their strength, it's just amazing.  So it's really neat to see that in a youngster."

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