“Lock Your Doors” campaign started after recent vehicle burglaries

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ROCK ISLAND, ILLINOIS - Police Departments in our area have a simple reminder to people, lock your doors. While it may seem like common sense, police say too many people are making themselves easy targets.

"If it's unlocked they're going to get in and see what they can get and sometimes they get lucky," said Lieutenant Tim McCloud from the Rock Island Police Department.

The Quad Cities has seen a recent increase in car burglaries.

In Rock Island there have been a couple dozen incidents in the last two weeks. One thing they all had in common was they could have been prevented.

"A lot of times its change, sometimes it some more valuable things, sometimes they even have their keys left in the car and then they'll take the car," said Lt. McCloud.

At least six times this summer cars have been stolen in Rock Island.

"We found that some of our cases are actually crossing over the boarders where vehicle gets stolen in our city will be recovered in another city and vice versa," said Lt. McCloud.

Rock Island isn't alone, Davenport police are reminding people to lock their doors and the Coal Valley Police Department is using social media to warn people about recent burglaries there too.

"We've been doing a lot of increased foot patrols, bicycle patrols, we've been using some of our vehicles to just drive around a lot of the residential areas," said Lt. McCloud.

Rock Island has started a Lock Your Doors campaign, passing out flyers to neighborhoods to get the word out.

"These particular thieves are targeting random neighborhoods that are very quiet and don't have any particular crime and people feel safe so they leave their doors unlocked," said Lt. McCloud.

Lt. McCloud says they believe the same suspects are behind all of the burglaries in Rock Island.



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