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NY restaurant takes down Trump photo amid Yelp complaints

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Donald Trump (CNN)

NEW YORK (AP) — The owners of a German restaurant in New York have taken down an autographed photo of Donald Trump because they say it was hurting the business.

The Brooklyn Daily reports Schnitzel Haus owners Fred and Amber Urban say the photo of the Republican presidential nominee had been there since the restaurant opened in 2007. The Urbans were friends with Trump’s head of security at the time and they say Trump dropped by to wish them good luck. He sent an autographed photo the next day.

The photo is a topic among online reviews on Yelp, with diners saying they were uncomfortable or offended.

Andrew from New York says in his July 28 review that he felt uncomfortable:

” The food was good, but I felt uncomfortable the whole time. On the wall there is a picture of Donald Trump. I just couldn’t stop thinking about me ,a black man with plenty of Mexican friends, supporting a business that supports such a racists and disgusting person as he is. Imagine going to a place and they having a picture of Hitler just because he visited them at one point in time. Just not cool. Should be removed.”

In February, the restaurant commented back to a review from Jacky from Texas, who gave five stars ” even though they have a signed picture of Donald Trump on the wall”:

“He is also very involved with the Steuben association and wished us luck when we opened the restaurant 8 years ago with that picture. Does not mean we support his views. Al Pacino was across from him also and we don’t like all his movies… Hope you come again.”

Fred Urban says on Facebook that some people have canceled reservations over the photo, while others want to take selfies with it.

The Associated Press contributed to this story

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