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Concerns over the proposal for the site of the old Lodge hotel

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BETTENDORF, Iowa - Developers from Russell Construction are looking for $600,000 in tax credits to pay for demolition of the old Lodge hotel.

"Now comes this blighted property which the city has openly indicated that you'd like to get rid of," said Steve Van Dyke, former economic development director for the city of Bettendorf who is now representing the developer.

Russel came before the city council seeking to get a development agreement approved but the proposal has some city council members confused.

"I don't want to TIF a project when I don't know what it's going to be," said Gary Mohr, at-large alderman.

There's no plan in place for what will become of the 8.5 acres the Lodge hotel currently sits on. The developer has only said it could be a mix of residential and commercial.

Without any idea of what the land will become, council members are unsure if they want to support it.

"There's garbage on this parcel and we can't go find what we want until that building is gone," said Van Dyke.

Council members said they're also getting call from the public with concerns, but now it's in the city councils hands.

The Bettendorf city council is scheduled to vote on the TIF agreement at its August 2nd meeting.


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