Crop duster accidentally sprays Eastern Iowa suburban neighborhood with herbicide

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Marion neighborhood crop dusted

MARION, Iowa  — The Marion Fire Department says herbicide was accidentally sprayed on a northeast neighborhood.

The Linn County Hazardous Material Team was called to investigate Tuesday night after several people called 911 about a white substance on cars and houses.

Officials believe the substance is a broadleaf herbicide that may have come from a crop duster plane.

Fire officials said it’s not much different from what you would put on your lawn, except that it has an extras sticky substance added to make it stick.

First Alert Storm Team Meteorologist Kaj O’Mara said wind was not a factor. All observations from the area suggest the air was calm the entire night, so this could not have been “blown in” from anywhere, he said.

The areas affected are 31st Street, McGowan Boulevard, 41st Street, and Willowridge Road and Willowood Avenue, which all surround the Marion swimming pool.

The herbicide poses little risk to the people and can be washed off with soapy water. Children and pets should be kept away from affected areas.

Authorities are trying to track down where the herbicide came from. They said they believe this was an accident and no charges are likely.

Marion neighborhood crop dusted

Marion neighborhood crop dusted

(Story courtesy KCRG ABC 9)