Let’s Move Quad Cities: How To Grow Older & Stay Active At The Same Time

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When people retire, they want to be active. However, for some, the aches and pains of growing older get in the way.

Mike Owens knows exactly what that feels like. The retired Moline Athletic Director and former all-star athlete loves to play golf and play with his grandchildren, but knows there's a price to pay.

"There's this old friend when we get this age named 'Arthritis,'" he explains. "He's around all the time. He's in the fingers and the hands and the legs."

At the age of 78, that old friend has moved to Mike's left knee, which is where his other old friend comes in - Dr. Edward Connolly with ORA Orthopedics.

"He keeps me wired together," says Mike.

"It's like your mechanic for your car - this is the guy I take my car to," explains Dr. Connolly. "This is the guy I take my legs to, my back to."

Mike has been an ORA Patient for awhile. He's had a hip replacement, several shoulder surgeries, and may soon need a knee replacement. However, he says every time it's worth it and it could be for you, too.

"I think if they're hurting and they're not feeling well and they want to do something - get it done," says Mike.

"The most common thing you hear from people is - 'Why did I wait so long to do this?'" adds Dr. Connolly. "It really makes a difference in their lives and that makes it very gratifying for us because patients say – 'You changed where I was at before and now I can do things I couldn’t do before' - so that’s the fun part of our job."

But he explains that growing older is cyclical.

"The purpose of doing what we do is so you can stay active and it`s kind of that trade off," explains Dr. Connolly. "You stay active and things go wrong and we make you better so you can stay active and keep going that way."

"I love Dr. Connolly's Philosophy," says Mike. "He says - 'Mike, I can't make you perfect, but I can make you better' and he's done that."

"As we get older our function decreases, our strength decreases, our sense of balance decreases and the way to combat that is to stay active, keep doing things, keep your muscles strong, keep your balance and Mike is a good example of - if you do it, this is where you can be at at his age with things," says Dr. Connolly.

ORA Orthopedics leads the Quad Cities in total joint procedures - performing approximately 1,900 replacements every year.

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