Elderly Iowa man found after being lost in cornfield overnight

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AKRON, Iowa — The family of an 82-year-old Iowa man is thanking volunteers, and their lucky stars, for finding their father who was lost in a cornfield.

A northwest Iowa man, 82-year-old Stewart “Skip” Harris, went out on his all-terrain vehicle on Saturday evening, July 23, 2016 to check on irrigation units in a field, according to a report by KLEM radio.

When his son, John Harris, realized he wasn’t in his home on Sunday morning, he started looking for his dad.  He immediately checked the field and found his dad’s four-wheeler by itself.

“I called my sister and told her “We got problems.” We looked for a while, five family members and finally we just said we can’t do this ourselves and called 911,” said John, KLEM reported.

As the word got out, volunteers came to help search.  By Sunday afternoon Stewart was found – 17 hours after he was last seen.  He had gotten lost in the cornfield, got off the four-wheeler, and started walking around.

According to the report, Stewart was tired and dehydrated, but otherwise in good condition.

“We thank all the volunteers, and thank God for helping us find him,” John said.

A collaboration of more than 150 volunteers and emergency responders helped look through two corn fields to find Stewart.

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