People who found 169-year-old gravestone in Davenport dig deeper for answers

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DAVENPORT, Iowa-- We have new information on a story we brought you last week about a mysterious gravestone found buried in a Davenport backyard.

As landscapers prepare for a day in the sun, the suspense seems to climb faster than the temperature.

Last week when Jeff and Rita were on a job, they found and dug up a headstone in a Davenport yard. The name on it is Mary E. Wright. She died April 8, 1847. After some research the two think they found where the stone belongs, 25 miles away in a Muscatine County cemetery.

Now, they're digging for more answers.

Curt Weiss, a Muscatine County conservationist, payed the detectives a visit to see if the stone was originally set in the Nye Cemetery near Montpelier, Iowa.

"I do know this looks a lot like a match," says Weiss.

Another question that needed answering was why a headstone from Muscatine County in Davenport.

"Back in the early 80's, we had some vandalism to that park. People knocked the stones over, and we had to put them back up and put some together. It's possible some were taken at that time, "says Weiss.

But it's not the last piece of the puzzle.

"If it belongs there, we need to get it back there," says Weiss.

This case isn't closed until Mary E. Wright's stone is finally laid to rest in its rightful place.

Weiss says additional calls need to be made to verify the stone goes in the Nye Cemetery. But after that gets confirmed, restorations to the stone will begin.