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Rock Island Arsenal will accept Illinois IDs beginning July 18

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ROCK ISLAND, Illinois — Illinois driver’s licenses will be accepted as a valid credential for access to the Rock Island Arsenal beginning Monday, July 18. The Department of Homeland Security is recognizing Illinois driver’s licences as fully compliant with the REAL ID Act July 18 through Monday, October 10.

This means drivers will not need to show a second form of ID to access Arsenal Island.

“Illinois driver’s licenses, while suitable to submit for the background check, do not make visitors eligible for entry without going through the background check procedure,” said Garrison Public Affairs Officer Eric Cramer.

Officials with the Rock Island Arsenal will provide notice if anything changes before October 10.

Minnesota, Missouri and Washington licenses are still not compliant with the REAL ID Act standards, which outlines the minimum standard for information provided on licenses. Beginning in January 2016, the Department of Defense says the Arsenal should no longer accept ID cards that are not compliant with the REAL ID Act standards.

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