Pokemon Go craze promotes healthy lifestyle, experts say

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MOLINE, Illinois-- Most people would call this grassy area a park. But to this pack of people with their heads tilted down to their phones, it's a virtual Pokemon battlefield.

"For people who enjoy video games and being active, it's both in one," says Moline High School sophomore Jayden Terronez.

Pokemon Go is a free phone application that has players walking around the real world looking for virtual Pokemon characters to capture on the phones. The game has exploded since it launched in the past week. To play, people have to actually get outside and exercise.

"When I think of video games, I think of people being very sedentary and not moving, just not living a healthy lifestyle," says QC Sports Performance trainer Cody Lichthardt.

Besides catching the Pokemon creatures with friends, health experts say the video game comes with added benefits.

"Exercising outdoors can actually improve your mood, burn more calories than if you were working inside," says Lichthardt.

And while exercising may not be the main game objective, you don't need to 'catch 'em all' to catch good health habits.