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Monmouth College professor redesigning course after Brexit shake-up

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As the British scramble to determine who will lead the UK through its exit from the European Union, 'Brexit' is also scrambling plans for a local college professor.

Christine Myers is a Monmouth College history professor who teaches a course dedicated to the European Union.

She threw her previous years' lesson plans out the window last week.

"It means I have no idea what my class is going to look like next spring, because I'm going to have to obviously change it up considerably. I'll still do a lot of the history of how the EU was formed and what the goals are of the organization, but where it stands politically, at this point, is gonna be unclear," said Myers.

On Thursday, UK voters elected to leave the European Union -- an economic and political partnership among 28 countries that began after World War II.

Myers sees it as a vote by English nationalists, trying to regain control over their government. She expects to see similar votes by other countries in the coming years.

"It's definitely history unfolding, and we're watching it happen," said Myers.

In addition, Myers has been answering questions from students headed to Scotland this fall.

"Instantly, when they heard about the vote, they said, 'What does this mean for us?'" said Myers.

While there is no precedent for the events taking place in Europe, Myers says it's been exciting to watch 'Brexit' play out.

She plans to redesign her course with new readings, news articles, and primary sources.

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