House Democrats sit-in, Grassley sounds off on gun control

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House Democrats are staging a sit-in protest over gun control legislation in Washington on Wednesday.

That’s following the Orlando nightclub shooting that killed 49 people.

“We will not be shut up,” said Minority Whip Steny Hoyer of Maryland.  “We will not be shut down.”

Some 30 Democrats are demanding a vote on “no fly, no buy” measures.

Republican leadership responded by turning off C-SPAN cameras on the House floor.

“You’ve got to keep your eye on the ball,” said Sen. Charles Grassley, (R) Iowa.  “The gun debate is because people in the Democratic party don’t want to concentrate on radical Islamists, terrorism being the problem.”

Sen. Grassley says there’s a sincere effort underway to find common ground.

“The debate is about guns, but remember, the person that killed 49 people got his guns legally,” he continued.  “If we had outlawed guns, he could have killed the same number of people with a bomb like they did in Boston.”

Democrats turned to social media to document the sit-in after the cameras went dark.

“Rise up Democrats,” said Rep. John Larson, (D) Connecticut.  “Rise up Americans.  We will occupy this chamber.”

A gun control bill sponsored by Sen. Grassley fell short by seven votes on Monday.

The stalemate represents divisions between Republicans and Democrats.


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