Water main break near Village of East Davenport sends water pouring from under the road

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Sinkhole in Davenport, WQAD photo by Jared Ransom, 6-20-16

A water main break near the intersection of E. 12th Street and Hildreth Street near the Village of East Davenport is to blame for major road damage and water pouring from underneath the asphalt.

According to Davenport Police, officers were called to the scene around 4:32 a.m. on Monday morning, June 20, 2016. Parts of E. 12th Street between Mound Street and Spring Street remained closed while crews with the Iowa Water Company assess the situation and determine how to best approach the repairs.

A couple walking home from work tells WQAD News 8 that they saw water coming up from the road around 4:00 a.m., and at that time it was only a small puddle. Over the span of about 30 minutes, the road around that small hole began to collapse and water started to gush from underneath. Soon after that, three other holes in the road appeared, with more water coming out.

Crews with Iowa Water shut off the water flow to the area so they can see how much of the road is safe.

If you drive in this area frequently, Davenport Police say plan to use an alternate route for the foreseeable future.

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