Thousands went all in at the new Rhythm City Casino Resort

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DAVENPORT, Iowa - The days of gambling on the riverfront in Davenport are over as the Rhythm City Casino Resort opened its doors.

Kathleen Con is one of theĀ 1,000 people who got to get in the doors before they officially opened.

"Oh my god, it`s amazing, okay it`s not amazing its awesome-azing, that`s my word," said Con.

With more than 1,000 slots and 30 tables the casino was ready for the many guests on opening night.

"It`s an incredible and awesome feeling it`s a project that`s been in the works for a long time now," said General Manager Mo Hyder.

The new building offers more than just the casino, it includes an event center and hotel.

"The city of Davenport benefits, Scott County benefits, the regional development authority benefits and more importantly the state of Iowa benefits from this expansion," said Hyder.

Rhythm City Casino Resort is just the beginning of changes that could soon be happening to that corner of Elmore Avenue.

"It`s really anchor to bring in much more development but really, this is just gorgeous," said Mayor Frank Klipsch.

As for opening night some were hoping to win big.

"I`m playing black jack, I`m hoping to win some money, it`s going alright hopefully it builds as the night goes," said Valerie Ross.

While others had already hit the jackpot.

"I won, I won, how can it be any better than that I won," said Con.

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