QC’s direct flight to D.C. departs one last time

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MOLINE, Illinois-- It's the final boarding call. Wednesday morning at 8:37 a.m. sharp was the last time passengers packed their things and headed straight to Washington D.C. from the Quad Cities International Airport.

"I think it's kind of sad because they probably don't have enough traffic going to the East, and they have to close it," says passenger Ann Aslin.

The flight was started to help out the Rock Island Arsenal workers who are frequent fliers who travel to our nation's capitol.

"We took a calculated risk as a region and as a community," says Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce employee Jason Gordon.

But that risk didn't pay off.

Gordon says they had no problem filling the flight to D.C., it was getting people to use the flight home that caused issues. But Gordon says there are still opportunities on the horizon.

"We're interested in looking at other opportunities for D.C. still, so we'll continue to do what we can to provide expanded air service to our region," says Gordon.

No matter how many times passengers traveled, this was the final boarding call while the possibility for more flights in the future stays up in the air.

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