Plans announced to turn former John Deere site into apartments

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MOLINE, Illinois - Moline City Council has approved a plan to let Heart of America Group look at developing market-rate apartments and a parking deck at the former John Deere Collectors Center.

The lot  has been sitting vacant for 3 years.

"The city has a habit of making agreements with developers then they don't stick to them," said Moline resident Sandy O'Neill.

Moline city leaders said they've been working on a plan for the site and admit two previous developments have fallen through.
"At the time we were working with a hotel developer who ultimately ended up building in Bettendorf," said Planning & Development for Moline Ray Forsythe.

Now, they think this could be the one that sticks.

"We're confident that Heart of America can do it because they're a development company, they build hotels, and restaurants and retail shopping centers, so this is a great project for them," said Forsythe.

Right now the plan includes a minimum of 100 apartments with parking spaces for 350 vehicles.

"We don't have any vacancies downtown so we're always looking to kind of expand our housing opportunities," said Forsythe.