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Best foods to fight migraines

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Anyone who has had a migraine knows how painful they can be. They can make concentration a chore and ruin an otherwise relaxing outing. There is prescription medication available to fight these intolerable pangs, there are also natural migraine remedies that can be a helpful supplement to your pills.

Using data from ESHA, HealthGrove, part of the Graphiq network, found 10 foods that have been known to help alleviate migraines. To do so, they created a “Migraine-Fighting Index” out of 100 of vitamin B2 and magnesium-rich foods (two widely accepted natural remedies for migraines).

According to HealthGrove’s research, nuts and seeds, as well as some fish, vegetables and dairy are good for those who look to supplement their medication with a migraine-fighting diet.

#10. Sundried Tomatoes

Migraine-Fighting Score: 88.3

Nutrient score: A-
Calories per serving: 52
Serving size: 10.0 pieces (20g)

#9. Quinoa

Migraine-Fighting Score: 89.0

Calories per serving: 156
Serving size: 0.25 cup (42.5g)

#8. Lima Beans

Migraine-Fighting Score: 90.0

Nutrient score: A+
Calories per serving: 150
Serving size: 0.25 cup (44.5g)

#7. Pine Nuts

Migraine-Fighting Score: 90.4

Nutrient score: A
Calories per serving: 11
Serving size: 10.0 nuts (1.7g)

#6. Cashews (raw)

Migraine-Fighting Score: 92.6

Nutrient score: B+
Calories per serving: 157
Serving size: 1.0 ounces (28.35g)

#5. Sunflower Seed Butter

Migraine-Fighting Score: 93.9

Nutrient score: A-
Calories per serving: 197
Serving size: 2.0 tablespoon (32g)

#4. Almond Butter

Migraine-Fighting Score: 95.0

Nutrient score: A-
Calories per serving: 196
Serving size: 2.0 tablespoon (32g)

#3. Sesame Seed Butter

Migraine-Fighting Score: 96.0

Calories per serving: 188
Serving size: 2.0 tablespoon (32g)

#2. Linseeds (Flax Seeds)

Migraine-Fighting Score: 96.7

Nutrient score: A
Calories per serving: 37
Serving size: 1.0 tablespoon (7g)

#1. Squash Seeds

Migraine-Fighting Score: 97.3

Nutrient score: B+
Calories per serving: 180
Serving size: 0.25 cup (32.25g)

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