What each state Googles more than any other

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Google search map, image by Estately.

Google search map, image by Estately.

Using Google Auto-complete and comparing it with Google Trends, real estate blog Estately was able to determine what each state Googled more than any other over the last 12 years.

“To be clear, the list below does not represent what each state Googles the most, it simply shows the searches each state Googles more frequently than the other 49 states and the District of Columbia,” the blog read.

Click here to see the change between this map and Estately’s map from 2014.

In the recent map, released May 24, 2016, it showed that Iowa‘s top unique searches included “Where is ISIS?” “Who is Bernie Sanders?” “What is a caucus?” “What is a socialist?” “What is socialism?” “What is Snapchat?” “Is Lady Gaga married?” “Is Ted Cruz hispanic?”  “Do penguins have knees?”

And Illinois‘ top unique searches included, “What does OPP mean?”  “Is Trump winning?” “What is falafel?” “What is pâté?” “What is NATO?”  “Was Jesus real?”  “Is Bill Cosby guilty?” “Is JoJo engaged?” “Was Hitler elected?”  “Why are TSA lines so long?”  “How to jump a car?”

Click here to see the searches from the other states.


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