Preparing for a weekend full of bike races

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BURLINGTON, Iowa - Prepping starts early for the busiest weekend at Drake Restaurant.
"This is a huge night if it's not the top one it will be in the top 2 or 3," said Jimbo.

They're getting ready for all of the bikers about to finish the 104 mile race.
"You bring this many people downtown we're gonna have a rock and roll kinda party night going on here, alright," said Jimbo.

Judy Mears patiently waits at the finish line for someone she's never met before.

"I'm kinda excited, it's a boy and I have two girls, so it's like I have a son for the weekend which is good," said Mears.

Her and her family have been attending the bike races for years.

"We love bike races they're exciting to watch, been in our family for a long time," said Mears.

It's their first time hosting a biker at their home.

"I know my husband and he will have a lot to talk about because my husband raced for many years," said Mears.
After watching all of the bikers come in, they finally get to meet the biker staying with them, Lane Johnson.

"It's definitely and interesting experience I've never met them so they seem like very nice people," Johnson.

Johnson is racing all 4 days and is expecting the 2nd day to be the hardest.

"The most exciting day with the biggest field and snake alley seems like a very interesting part of the race course," said Johnson.

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