Quad City man using Facebook to try and track truck, tool thieves

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ROCK ISLAND, Illinois – A Quad City man is asking for help on Facebook to try and track thieves who stole his truck and work tools, thieves who were so determined they switched out the vehicle’s dead battery to make their getaway.

“They broke in, hot-wired it, put in a new battery, and threw in some fuel,” said Scott Randolph, of Rock Island.

His truck, a re-purposed Fed Ex truck which had been painted white, was filled with tools and was stolen from a back parking lot off Blackhawk Road on Monday, May 16th.

“The value of the truck and tools, six to eight thousand dollars. It puts a little hardship on our family; money used to pay bills, we will now have to purchase new tools,” he said.

Video surveillance shows a white extended cab Ford pick-up drive up to the truck and park. About half-hour later, both vehicles drive off.

Randolph say the truck was being used to store the tools, and had not been driven for almost two years. Video surveillance from a week before shows a different vehicle pulling up to the truck, and later leaving.

“That was the first time, they were casing the joint, and found out it wasn’t working. They came back the second time. They knew what they were doing,”  he said.

Randolph’s on Facebook and is offering a $300 reward.

He says he’s heard from several other people about vehicles stolen in the area.

“I just want them caught at this point. I felt violated. I feel I work hard to pay for things you need to make a living with, and to have it taken, that’s hard,” he said.


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