Monmouth-Roseville District may run out of money

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MONMOUTH, Illinois-- As fifth graders play games they made, political games continue in Springfield.

"My heart breaks, as well as just being very scared of the unknown."

With no state budget, seven is an unlucky number for the Monmouth-Roseville school district.

"That would mean we'd lose approximately seven million dollars in general state aid next year if that were the case."

Depleting a district that gets more than half its funding from the state of Illinois. With three quarters of its students getting free or reduced lunches, it could keep the doors closed.

"It's tremendous impact. Our kids and parents expect to be in school in august."

Superintendent Ed Fletcher joined nine other districts in Springfield last week.

"That's what you're elected to do."

Issuing a timely call for school funding.

"It would have a tremendous impact on families."

Monmouth-Roseville does not have enough money to survive an entire school year.

"We do whatever we can for kids here, and to think that some of those decisions could impact them, it's very tough."

As fifth graders fire up their catapults worries this district could be financially toppled.

"These are our kids. I have four kids in this school district. It does anger me that we're in this position."

A doomsday scenario that's hardly child's play.

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