UT’s Director of Bands ends his career on a high note

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EAST MOLINE, Illinois - Before his last concert as Director of Bands at United Township High School, David Maccabee remembers getting the job back in 1986.

"I remember being offered the job when I was 25 years old, I was waiting for the call in Geneseo, Illinois where I was working," said Maccabee.

He didn't know then that he'd spend his next 30 years at United Township High School.

"Hard to believe, it feels, I feel really blessed actually," said Maccabee.

He took his final stand on the stage conducting his students for the last time.

"Tonight`s gonna be very special and everyone who`s here is going to remember this for the rest of their lives," said alumni Anthony Greer.

The students he's guided aren't ready to see him go.

"I sit right in front of him everyday and absolutely love it, it`s gonna be different and I`m not sure if I`m ready for it," said sophomore Kiley Krause.

They want Mr. Maccabee to know how thankful they are to have had him as a director.

"I hope he understands how much of an inspiration he is to everybody," said junior Hannah Johnson.

"What he does everyday is he brings us together as one big happy family and we love each other," said senior Bradley Bughman.

But Maccabee says he's the lucky one, to be able to share his love of music with them.

"Somebody once said that music is love in search of a word," said Maccabee.

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