Davenport mayor explains river front vision, commitment to Red Hawk Golf & Learning Center

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DAVENPORT, Iowa -- Mayor Frank Klipsch started speaking at a news conference at 10 a.m., Thursday, May 19, 2016.

Among the many topics Klipsch went over, he included his pledge to transparency.

He mentioned a way to help ensure transparency is by getting more Davenport citizens aware of what is happening and participating.  Davenport leaders will hold another "Council Out of City Hall" where council members meet in public places.  It will be at the Eastern Avenue Library on June 1.

As city leaders work "minimizing costs and maximizing resources" Red Hawk Golf and Learning Center was brought up.  In talks, Klipsch said that all nine Aldermen have agreed that Red Hawk is a "tremendous asset" to the community and they are not interested in making changes with it.

"A lot of people have been concerned that we were contemplating eliminating Red Hawk or changing it or selling it or doing something to it and that is just not the case," Klipsch said. He reiterated that he wanted to make it clear that city leaders view Red Hawk as a great place for families and the community. "We are committed to Red Hawk for as far as we can see at this point."

Moving on, Klipsch talked about the selection of a new city administrator. A group of 34 applicants have been whittled down to nine semifinalists.  The council will meet again on June 6 to decide on somewhere between three and five finalists.  Those finalists will then be invited to Davenport for face-to-face interviews.

Klipsch also talked about the "RiverVision Plan" and the city's ideas on attracting visitors into Davenport.

Mayor Frank Klipsch talks about the RiverVision plan for summer 2016

Mayor Frank Klipsch talks about the RiverVision plan for summer 2016

"We have a fantastic RiverVision plan," he said. But he noted that it's expensive and takes time. "Being responsible with your tax dollars, we want to be sure that your funds are used wisely."

As the new casino opens around June 16, the casino boat will not be in use any longer, he said.  The city has plans to remove concrete areas, plant grass, and trying to attract food trucks there.

Some attractions Klipsch mentioned were visits from historic replicas of the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria as well as an American-French boat that will be making stops in the area.

Klipsch talked about creating an opening in the fencing or railing at River Heritage Park so boats can gain access.

He also asked for patience from citizens as construction and repairs are done to Brady Street.

On a lighter note, Klipsch said the Ferris wheel is back open at Modern Woodmen Park. The ride is now handicap accessible.

The conference was held in the Council Chambers in City Hall.