Des Moines students team with brewery to create, sell Rider Root Beer

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DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — A group of students at a Des Moines high school has brewed and branded a root beer recipe as part of a two-year project.

“Rider Root Beer” was created by chemistry students at Theodore Roosevelt High School, the Des Moines Register reports. Student entrepreneurs and artists helped brand the product.

Roosevelt teacher Kate Galligan says the project was part of the STEM initiative, which helps bring relevant science, technology, engineering and mathematics issues to the classroom.

Galligan says the students worked in groups to create the recipe, which includes a hint of chocolate.

Roosevelt principal Kevin Biggs says he believes the project helped students gained real-world skills.

Confluence Brewing Company bottled about 800 32-ounce growlers of the beverage. The school is selling them for $10 each.