Chef Scott: Grilled Cabbage Steak

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BETTENDORF, Iowa – It's time to include vegetarians at the family grill.

"You know, a lot of you vegetarians don't get to stand out by the grill when everybody's grilling protein," says Chef Brad Scott, director of Scott Community College's Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Center on the Bettendorf campus.

"Well, this time you can."

He starts with "a big, old cabbage and a big, old knife."

"I'm going to cut a nice slice out of here, about an inch thick.  I'm going to add a little salt and pepper and some Italian dressing."

"And we're going to the grill."

"We're going to baste this continuously while it cooks."

Give it a flip, then add a little more Italian dressing.

About 10-minutes into it, top it with some Feta cheese.

"And for you Vegans, you don't have to add the cheese."

After another five minutes, finish it in the oven (about 350-degrees for about 15-minutes.  Just to brown the cheese.)

"About 15-minutes later, oh yes, perfect: the Feta has browned out nicely."

"I like to serve this with a little fresh tomato and a little crunchy bread," says the Chef.

"So you vegetarians can now get your grill on!"