Illinois school districts worry about what could happen without a state budget

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KNOXVILLE, Illinois - Schools south of the Quad Cities are preparing to start a second school year in the fall without a budget in place in Illinois.

Administrators from 9 districts in Henderson, Knox, Mercer and Warren counties came together to talk about where they stand.

"We`re impacted by shared services, we`re impacted by sports and just all of our students are gonna see an impact," said Jodi Scott, Regional Superintendent.

Students were invited to hear what's happening in their districts, it all came as a shock to teens.

"It really does overwhelm me, and it`s very overwhelming to think that schools are having to cut back on their extracurricular activities and things that they do enjoy because our state doesn't have a budget in place," said Kami Endress, junior, West Central High School.

Her district, like the others, is wondering what my have to go to keep the doors open beyond next fall.

"Our district has some fund balances, so we will be able to start our year and we will be able to get through the year," said Paula Markey, superintendent, West Central District.

Other districts aren't as fortunate, Galesburg schools rely more on state funding.

"That`s about 17 million dollars that we will not have access too for next year," said Ralph Grimm, superintendent, Galesburg Schools.

Bringing a lot of uncertainty about what that would look like for students.

"What happens to those students, do we move them to the next grade, what happens to our seniors, can we accelerate their senior year so that they could graduate at the end of the first semester," said Grimm.

Together the district leaders said there has to be a way to help each other in the worst case scenario.


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