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How to land a summer job around town

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MOLINE, Illinois--Laura hasn't been mixing up shakes and sculpting ice cream cones for long. She's been working at Country Style ice cream for three days and likely won't have a job here come November. But she's perfectly fine with that.

Owners at Country Style  rely on employees looking for part time summer work to make their business profitable.

"We try to determine if this is someone who's willing to work, take orders and treat our customers the way we want them treated. Are they a people person? If we think they are, then they have a job," says Country Style owner Kent Kindelsperger.

But if making large chocolate chip malts isn't your favorite flavor, there are other options.

"You could be an accounting major looking for a job in accounting or you could want to work as a vet tech. A to Z we have opportunities for students," says Augustana College's Associate VP of Career Development Dr. Michael Edmondson.

Colleges and universities in the area like Augustana link students looking to earn a few extra bucks to employers in the Quad Cities who have those job openings.

Counselors say summer jobs can set students apart after graduation.

"They want you to be able to answer one important question that a lot of people fail to understand. What can you do for me? If you can answer that question and you rely on your skills, you're going to be a rock star," says Edmondson.

It's working as a team, it's communication, it's filling your wallet with some hard earned cash that can make your summer vacation a little bit sweeter.

City and school town websites also have listings for summer jobs.

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