Twins earn valedictorian and salutatorian honors at United High School

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MONMOUTH, Illinois - It's graduation weekend for seniors at United High School. This year's top two seniors both excelled academically and athletically, but they also share a special connection.

Not only are Addison and Cole McKee brother and sister, they're twins. Addison in the class valedictorian and Cole is the class salutatorian.

Their competition to be better than the other started at birth.

"I would say they are the best of friends, but they also can probably be the worse of enemies," said their mom, Freda McKee.

It wasn't until Cole got a B in World History that ruined his chances of becoming Valedictorian.

"The only rebuttal I have to that is ACT score, because I beat her in that," said Cole.

While the twins say they are different in many ways, they share a lot in common. Not only did they take some of the same AP classes, they also work at the same place and were involved in some of the same sports.

They say their friendly competition has gotten them where they are today and being related is just an added bonus, "I think we're kind of like each other's biggest fans in a way," said Addison.

Graduation takes place on Sunday, May 15th.

Addison and Cole are stuck with each other for a few more years; they're attending Southern Illinois University in the fall.

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