Trump denies 25-year-old mysterious phone caller is him

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Donald Trump says he did not pretend to be his own publicist after divorcing his first wife, despite recently released recording of two supposed "Public Relations men." One named John Barron, whose last name is the same as Trump's youngest son. And one of John Miller, who a lot of people are saying sounds like Trump himself. Listen to the clip above for the audio.

And Trump is again talking taxes, but he's standing his ground, saying it's none of voters' business how much he pays in taxes. The presumptive G.O.P. presidential nominee was asked again today on "Good Morning America" about his refusal to release the documents, and he gave a sharp response.

Trump got especially fired up when George Stephanopoulos pointed out that Trump released his returns while under audit years ago, when seeking a casino license. Stephanopoulos asked, "If you're willing to release your tax returns to get a casino license, why shouldn't voters see them before they make you commander and chief?" Trump responded, "Because at the time it didn't make any difference to me, now it does." Stephanopoulos continued, "What is your tax rate?" And Trump quipped, "It's none of your business, you'll see it when I release. But I fight very hard to pay as little tax as possible."

Dr. Ben Carson is back in the headlines tonight, too, saying he hopes all 17 of this year's Republican candidates can sit down together and discuss their different goals and visions for the country without any media involvement. Carson has been involved in the Trump campaign, but insists he won't become Trump's running mate. Carson explained, "I have no desire whatsoever to be anything in government except a loyal patriot who help, who will advise, who will bring opportunities to help improve our country."

Two public figures say they're interested in the vice presidency. Billionaire investor Mark Cuban says Hillary Clinton should pick someone like him as a running mate to "just throw bombs at Donald." Cuban says the secret to beating Trump is to "out-Trump" him. And Jimmy Kimmel announced he's running for vice president on CNN today. It was just a joke, but see the video for the comedic clip.

No serious vice presidential candidates are usually selected until the convention. The next round of voting is Tuesday, with primaries in Oregon for both parties and Kentucky for just the Democrats.

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